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Gyeon Q2 Wax Detail – Audi RS3

We have a new Gyeon product for 2021 and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it, introducing Gyeon Q² Wax!

This new product is a marriage between ceramic coating technology and a familiar wax application method. This wax-like formula incorporates fluorine and tech from Gyeon Booster, their advanced coating topcoat. What you get from all this is a new age paste wax with outstanding water beading characteristics and enhanced durability over traditional carnauba-based waxes.

To do my initial test of this wax I choose a well-maintained Audi RS3. This car was about to head down to Georgia for a car show and we were tasked with making it look incredible. Let’s see what this wax is all about!

We started with a normal wash process with Dawn soap to strip any previous protection. All the intricate areas, jambs, engine bay, and grilles were cleaned with Gyeon APC.

Since the vehicle was in nice shape and we weren’t going to be polishing the paintwork, we decided to skip the clay treatment and instead use Gyeon Iron. This gets light decontamination off the surface without the risk of marring.

The tires, lowers and wheel wells were cleaned with Stoners Tarminator to remove any browning and tar deposits.

Just before the wax application, all painted surfaces received a wipe down with Gyeon Prep. This ready-to-use panel wipe removes oils and prepares the surface for any surface protection.

I couldn’t help myself, the B-pillars needed a quick polish. Rupes Mini + Rupes Yellow Pad + Rupes UNO Protect – DONE.

Ok, it's wax time. For those of you that don’t know me, I’m a big wax fan! Click here to check out an article if you’re a wax junkie as well.

So with Gyeon, we have all come to expect great packaging. Gyeon Wax doesn’t disappoint in that category. The 200ml wax container comes alongside a plush white microfiber towel and a very unique wax applicator. The wax container itself is unlike anything I have seen. Think big deodorant stick. But I have to say this method of using wax is awesome. It’s always contained and allows you to spread the product thinly onto the applicator. A big deodorant stick, it's the way to go!

The applicator is also pretty exceptional. It’s flat at the bottom and rounded at the top. It allows you to move the wax easily and get tight to panel gaps without inadvertently pushing wax into a crevice.

I set my timer for 30 minutes and applied the wax to the paint. It went on smoothly and after the 30-minute cure time was just as easy to remove. It left a slick and glossy finish similar to that of a traditional wax.

The biggest takeaway for me was the wax container, which allows for such an easy distribution to the applicator. I also really enjoyed the shape of the applicator. I felt like I had much more control during the application.

The RS3’s other surfaces got the Gyeon treatment. We applied their new Ceramic Detailer to the glass and wheel faces while the tires got a healthy dose of Gyeon Tire.

This Nardo Grey RS3 was fully protected with a suite of Gyeon products and ready for the show. If you’re in the market for a new protection product I would definitely recommend giving Gyeon Wax a go!

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