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Nearly invisible and powerful enough to repel things that normally wreak havoc on your paint, our paint protection film (PPF or Clear Bra) shields your car during highway travel, city living, and everywhere else. Rocks, stones, gravel, bug guts, bird droppings, tree saps, road salt, and chemicals… they all take their toll on your vehicle’s finish BUT they don't have to.  Protect your paint with PPF and preserve its original luster.

Our Process

Our goal is simple - to create a nearly invisible paint protection film installation. To achieve that, it all starts with our preparation stages. We begin with a safe 2x2 bucket wash, chemical decontamination, and clay bar treatment. These steps remove loose and embedded dirt and create a clean, smooth surface. We then follow that up with light dismantling of grilles, emblems, and trim to allow us to clean underneath and flush out the panels. Once the panels are inspected with LED lights it's time to start the installation!


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keep your vehicle looking as good as new with a high gloss finish and intense water beading


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unique satin finish produced to replicate factory matte paint 

Choose Your Options

Select one of our pre-designed packages or create your own custom coverage. Looking for different coverage? Explain the coverage you are looking for in the Special Instructions area to receive a custom quote.

Need a Rental for Your Appointment?

Pickup and Drop-off right at the shop with rates as low as $40 a day!

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Add Additional Services

We know it's tough to be without your vehicle for any period of time. When you come to our shop, we want you to get the very most out of your visit with us. Check out some of our other services we offer that you can add to your appointment.