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FUSION PLUS™ is a professionally applied product specifically for use on automotive paint and XPEL paint protection films. It bonds at the molecular level to seal and protect surfaces from environmental contaminants and damaging UV rays.

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Easier to Clean

A coated vehicle is...

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Glossy & Hydrophobic

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Highly Durable

Freshly wrapped and coated AMG

Our Ceramic Coating Process

A ceramic coating installation consists of three main stages. Preparation, Paint Correction, and the Coating Installation. Each stage is essential to ensure durability, performance, and jaw-dropping looks.


Choose Your Protection

We offer some amazing ceramic coatings options that vary in performance and durability. Take some time to review the options below to see which coating makes more sense for your goals and your vehicle.


4-Year Warranty

FUSION PLUS PAINT & PPF provides exceptional resistance to light scratches, stains, and fading. It improves surface clarity to increase color depth - leaving paint or PPF with a smooth, slick finish.

Starting at: $1495


8-Year Warranty

FUSION PLUS PREMIUM features unparalleled durability and longer-lasting protection against scratches and environmental contaminants – for those who want the ultimate in ceramic coating technology.

Starting at: $2395

Designed for Paint and XPEL PPF 

4-Year Warranty

FUSION PLUS SATIN is a unique ceramic coating specifically for satin paint and XPEL STEALTH™ paint protection film. It delivers excellent protection and hydrophobicity to keep your satin finish looking great.

Starting at: $1495


Designed for XPEL Stealth PPF

Coatings Aren't Just For Paint
Add a surface specific coating

Water Drops
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Cleaning your wheels and calipers just got easier! With heat and chemical resistance, FUSION PLUS repels dust, grime, and more.

Wheel faces - $295 / Full Wheel & Calipers - $595


FUSION PLUS keeps your glass cleaner and clearer for a spotless outlook on the open road. It also helps with ease of cleaning and maintenance.

All Glass - $250

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Fusion Plus Trim Coating Hero-14.jpg


Preserve the appearance of your plastic and trim surfaces with unrivaled protection against fading and weathering from UV rays.

Starting at $250


Stains are a thing of the past! Repel spill and prevent stains on carpets, leather, vinyl, and other fabrics while retaining the factory feel and finish.

Starting at $595

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Choose Your Options

Select the size of your vehicle and your ceramic coating choice to get a cost estimate. You can add more coatings to your project to increase the ease of maintenance and rejuvenate your vehicle's appearance.

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Add Additional Services

We know it's tough to be without your vehicle for any period of time. When you come to our shop, we want you to get the very most out of your visit with us. Check out some of our other services we offer that you can add to your appointment. 

Need a Rental for Your Appointment?

Pickup and Drop-off right at the shop with rates as low as $40 a day!

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How long do ceramic coatings last?

Our ceramic coating range typically lasts between 4 - 8 years. Washing the vehicle properly and minimizing the use of harsh chemicals will prolong the benefits. Driving style, climate, and road conditions also dictate how your coating degrades over time. 

Can I add additional protection?

Absolutely! Adding additional layers in the form of a coating spray topper will only boost gloss and allow for easier cleanings. We like to add additional protection after each wash during the drying phase. Keep in mind not all products are compatible with ceramic coatings. 

Will it protect against rock chips?

No. There is no ceramic coating that can prevent rock chips and scratches. However, it will make the vehicle easier to clean and prevent contaminants such as iron and tar deposits from sticking to the paintwork.

Do I need to recoat after a few years?

The short answer is no. If you are maintaining your coated vehicle by regularly washing it properly, there is no reason why you can’t experience the full length of durability set by the manufacturer.  

Can I scratch my coating?

ABSOLUTELY - there are many coating companies that will tell you otherwise but the truth is coatings can scratch just like paint. To minimize the risk and keep your coating looking great implementing safe washes periodically are key.

How do I clean my coated vehicle?

To minimize swirls and scratches in your freshly polished and coated paintwork we recommend staying far away from the automatic tunnel wash and instead implementing a two bucket hand wash. No other maintenance step has a greater impact on the way your coating performs. 

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