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What We Have Seen With Tesla Models

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As car enthusiasts we know how much you love your vehicle and it's why we take the utmost care with our detailing services. Every vehicle is different and needs the correct knowledge and approach to get the job done right. We have detailed and protected hundreds of Teslas since their launch and have come to know their nuances in order to provide the very best results. Our Tesla curated packages offer comprehensive protection plans to keep you out on the road and enjoying your ride.

Thin Paint

In years past new vehicles came with a nice thick layer of color and a clear coat that provided more protection against rock impacts and allowed for many rounds of paint correction to level the surface and remove scratches. Many car manufacturers, especially Tesla, for saved money by applying less paint, making your vehicle more vulnerable to paint defects and driving-induced damage.

Swirls & Scratches

Most people would expect a new vehicle off the showroom floor to have immaculate paint. That just isn't the case. Between sitting on the lot getting wiped down with used towels, service technicians working on mechanical issues, and multiple trips on transport vehicles, your new car can be covered with heavy swirls and scratches. From what we have seen from many Teslas compared to other manufacturers, may be one of the worst.  

Rock Chip Prone

All vehicles are prone to rock chips from rocks and road debris but not as much as Teslas. With Tesla front bumpers lacking a large grill and being mostly painted surface, this area is especially vulnerable to rock impacts and other road hazards. That makes it extremely important to protect the front and lower areas of the vehicle to keep your paint looking its best. This will ultimately keep money in your pocket by keeping you out of the body shop. 

The AutoNuvo Difference

We strive to create the very best PPF installations on the Teslas that come into our shop. In order to have the most invisible install possible we take additional steps to dismantle trim and components to limit visible seems and edges. 

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Remove Tesla Emblems

A number of shops utilize precut PPF kits that have a cut out area where the Tesla T emblem goes. Not us. With our advanced approach, we remove the front emblem before preparing the surface for PPF, then using a pre-made template, we reinstall a new emblem over the film for a completely seamless installation.

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Remove Trim

When film edges are exposed, it can lead to dirt build up known as a dirty edge that takes away from the overall look. With full door installs, we remove the window trim and extend the pattern to keep the edge of the film under your trim making it nearly invisible. This is the same approach we use on the fender wheel arches.

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Remove Side Cameras

Taking the extra step to remove fender side cameras keeps the film edges out of sight by recessing them under the camera. Less exposed edges means a better, cleaner installation that will keep it looking its best over time. These small steps make a huge difference in the end result to keep people wondering where the film is.

Choose Your Options

We have carefully designed these Tesla Curated Packages to combine the very best services into one package. Combing a combination of PPF, paint correction and paint coatings gives me great tangible protection along with incredible gloss and clarity. 

Recent Tesla Projects

Take a look at some of our most recent Tesla projects that include, protecting the paint from rock chips with paint protection film, premium detailing services to remove swirls and scratches while adding long protection, interior details to throughly clean and protect to keep them looking there best, ceramic coating applications for amazing gloss and making maintenance easier, ceramic window film to protect against UV rays, and emblem and trim changes to give them their own unique look.


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