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Maintain It: What can I apply on top of my PPF/ Clear Bra?

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

In this Maintain It episode, we answer a question we get very often at AutoNuvo. What detailing products can I use on top of my PPF?

More specifically what protection based products can I use? While PPF is compatible with a variety of protective products our favorites tend to be polymer or ceramic based sealants/coatings. These products don't leave behind any white residue like traditional waxes and can be used on a variety of other automotive materials. In this video we discuss a few product combinations that work well on top of PPF. While we do discuss specific products, there are many that can work extremely well, which will give added benefits to the long term care of your paint protection film. As always if you have any questions leave a comment below.

Products Used in the Video:

1. Jescar Ultra Lock Plus:

2. Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax (Bead It):

3. The Rag Company Edgeless 300 Towel:

4. DI Microfiber Applicator:

Detailing Essentials (available at Detailed Image)

7. Quick Detailer / Spray Sealant:


Youtube Channel Home Page:

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