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2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

Join us for a walk-around of this beautiful GT500 after we completed an extensive protection project.

Like all of our exterior details, we starting this project off with a two bucket wash and decontamination to remove all surface dirt as well as iron and tar deposits. We then did a clay bar treatment to remove any bonded contaminants from the paint, leaving a smooth surface ready for paint correction.

Before starting the compounding phase, we masked off all the trim to prepare for paint correction. After that we started a multi-stage paint correction to compound out any surface scratches and wash induced marring from the paint. The clarity and depth of color is then restored through a final polishing phase.

With the paint corrected, we re-washed the vehicle to remove any polishing dust to prepare the surface for paint protection film installation. We then prep the panels and back roll the film to minimize contamination. We then did the same on the roof prior to really updating the look of this Shelby by adding a Gloss Black PPF roof.

With film and vinyl installation complete, we applied Nanolex's flagship coating, Si3D Max for incredible gloss and easy to clean properties. Then we baked the coating with IR heat lamps to complete the installation. Topped off with Nanolex Final Finish, this beauty is looking incredible.

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