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Projects: 1977 Porsche 911S RSR Tribute Detail

We are back again with what has to be my favorite detail of 2022. This detail was a complete transformation of a 1977 911S 3.6L G50 RSR Tribute. The client was preparing to sell it on Bring A Trailer and wanted us to improve the already breathtaking aesthetics. Before we get into the detail, let’s talk a little about the car’s history.

“This 1977 Porsche 911S underwent a custom RSR-style build during prior ownership before being acquired by the seller in 2012 and subsequently fitted with a 3.6-liter VarioCam flat-six sourced from a 993. Shifting is through a re-geared G50 five-speed manual transaxle, and additional equipment includes an aluminum pressure plate, a limited-slip differential, a Billy Boat exhaust system, a “Big Red” brake kit with cross-drilled rotors, Bilstein shocks, 17″ Lindsey Racing wheels, and twin oil coolers. The car has been modified with RSR-style steel and fiberglass bodywork and repainted blue, while the interior features a Momo Prototipo steering wheel, a Retrosound stereo, a Rennline track mat and pedals, and black vinyl Recaro sport seats with houndstooth cloth inserts. “(Bring a Trailer)

Our overall goal was to clean and protect the 911 allowing it show beautifully during our post service BAT photoshoot. After discussing many potential routes with the client we settled on this approach.

  • Multi-Stage Paint Correction

  • Existing PPF Removal

  • Porsche Side Stripe Removal

  • Intensive Wheel / Caliper Cleaning

  • Undercarriage Cleaning

  • Leather Seating Re-Dye

  • Light Interior Detail

  • Swissvax Zuffenhausen Wax Treatment

  • BAT (Bring A Trailer) Photoshoot

First up, the initial wheel cleaning- Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus doing its work!

We washed the body with Gyeon Foam followed up by a decontamination with Gyeon Iron and Clay Magic Fine Grade Clay Bar. These steps ensure we have an ultra clean surface, free of any suborn contaminates that could potentially alter our paint correction result.

Our VX5000 Steamer making quick work of removing the side stripe and older style PPF.

Now for the fun part, the paint correction steps. This 911 was painted in Mexico Blue in 2003. The paint had a general dull, swirled finish from years of washing and improper wiping. We compounded the finish with Meguiars M100 compound paired with a Meguiars Microfiber Cutting Pad on a Rupes 21 Mark 2. This step allowed us to cut rapidly, removing the marring while leaving behind a uniform haze. The haze would later be refined in the polishing steps. We used a variety of different machines like our Rupes LHR75E Mini and Ibrid polisher to safely navigator the curves and thin areas of the paint.

Once the compounding step was complete we refined the finish with 2 individual steps. First, was a polishing step with Sonax Perfect Finish paired with a Rupes Yellow Pad. We followed this step with Menzerna Super Finish Plus 3800 and a Lake Country HDO Black Pad. This left the paint absolutely glowing.

Once paint correction was sorted we switched our attention to the wheels and undercarriage. We removed all four wheels and dialed in the calipers and fender well plastics. We used a ton of Stoners Tarminator to remove years of tar, grease and grime. The undercarriage received the same attention.

The Wheels received an extra dose of cleaning to remove years embedded grime

Wheel Cleaning Steps

  • Spray Stoners Tarminator– allow it to sit for 3-5 minutes

  • Wipe with General Purpose Microfiber Towel with heavy pressure

  • Remove Tar Residue with straight 70% Isopropyl Alcohol

  • Polish with Meguairs D300 and Meguiars 3in Cutting Pad

The results were as satisfying as them come.

The engine bay and frunk also received a through cleaning with Tarminator and various detailing swabs. When working in small interact areas having a tool like the Scangrip Sunmatch 4 is always helpful in ensure nothing is left untouched.

We applied two coats Swissvax Zuffenhausen Wax to the body and 2 coats of Swissvax AutoBahn wax to the wheels.

After the detail was complete, it was finally time to shoot the photo gallery for the upcoming BAT listing. We hope you enjoyed the transformation as much as we did.

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